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We can provide hardware, integrated and program high speed DAQ measurement system, real-time or windows PC based platforms.

RealTime System integration

System Hardware scope:

  • 4 to 64 channel simultaneous data collection on one unit
  • High speed (up to 0.1 millisecond) reading for high speed applications
  • Various input and output type AI/AO/DI/DO with several ranges
  • Servo motor control (speed and torque mode)
  • load cell sensor integration and calibration
  • Expandable system of discrete units (network together via LAN or WAN)
  • Interchangeable and reconfigurable FPGA technology (hardware is reusable units)
  • Flexible Interface with computer through USB/LAN/WiFi/Cable
  • Real-time measurement and monitoring and displaying
  • Can be interfaced with other existing safety and PLC automation systems


Software capabilities

  • OPC client application development
  • Serial Communication software application development
  • Equipment running health index (how good/bad is it operating)
  • Process throughput monitoring
  • Process signature analysis (Min/Max/Variation/slope/time/etc)
  • Final product/process quality control check (pass/fail)
  • Automatic Documentation and data retrieval
  • Statistical Process Control and 6 Sigma analysis
  • Human error factor detection and elimination
  • Security control even logging (who/what/when/how things happened)


For your specific needs, we do engineering analysis and propose our tailored-design measurement and monitoring system, please contact us at info@reticom.ca for more information.

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