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Reticom Solutions have joined the efforts to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on health and well-being of workforce and prepare a safe work environment. We have developed a solution for industries and organizations to verify their workforce has proper personal protective equipment (PPE) on them. Initially the solution was customized for industrial settings to ensure operators wear hard hats, vests and safety glass, particularly in hazardous zones, defined by supervisors.


This is the layout of above system, running on a separate palm-size computer board:

System Layout

The developed solution has numerous applications, including detection of facemask in offices, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial plants. With the current situation COVID-19 widespread, many businesses have to deal with new challenges to mitigate threats to their workforce health and safety. This will undoubtedly involve ensuring the workforce is properly equipped with PPE on a regular basis. The developed solution by Reticom Solutions Team is featured with new advancements in image processing and deep-learning which ensures the reliability of our product.

Reticom team is dedicated to customizing its developed solution to help companies and businesses resume their operation in a more seamless fashion. Our offered technology will allow supervisors and managers to constantly monitor workforce protection in their daily operation, thus bringing peace of mind and value to everyone.


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