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We provide material testing services for joint characterization using various adhesives. We provide testing in various environment such as

  • from -45C to +150C temperature
  • 10mm/min to 750mm/min strain rate
  • surface prepared or as is
  • carbon fiber, plastic, composite, aluminum, steel base plates
  • video extensiometer
  • surface metalography
  • sonic welded component testing

The test configuration we have provided are :

  1. Lap shear
  2. Cross Tension
  3. Coach Peel
  4. multi-layered laminate
  5. BJS (But Joint)
  6. TASS
  7. TDCB
  8. TENF

We are able to fabricate test fixture, provide external load cells, external extensiometers, integrated instrumented systems, prepare test sample (ASTM or other standards), cure joints with custom curing requirements, batch samples, document test results.