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Psychrometric Calculations (Download Free Software)

Download PsychroSolution 1.1 for free (Size: 1.5 MB).


What Features Does PsychroSolution 1.1 Have?

  • PsychroSolution 1.1 is a program to calculate the psychrometric properties of the water-air mixture for ambient temperature in the range of -100 ⁰C to 100 ⁰C and barometric pressure of 5 kPa to 1000 kPa.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 is extremely fast, accurate and user-friendly that provides users with a wide range of engineering units to measure psychrometric quantities. Users not only can select between Metric and British systems of units, but also are able to change the unit of each quantity individually. Also, a Unit Convertor has been provided for users.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 uses two different standards for calculating saturation condition of water namely, IAPWS and Hyland-Wexler’s formulations to meet different references. Users also can directly calculate and compare the saturation condition of water for two standards.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 calculates the properties of moist air just by inputting one of eight quantities. Other quantities will be extracted by the program.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 also gives the composition of species of moist air in mole or mass fractions.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 provides the maximum and minimum values of each quantity for the user at any condition and also any unit. A complete and brief report can be provided by the program.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 Gives the overall properties of the moist air including specific gas const., molecular weight, density, specific volume, and specific enthalpy.
  • PsychroSolution 1.1 provides a full understanding of psychrometric calculations by its Users Guide.


Download PsychroSolution 1.1 for free (Size: 1.5 MB).

Download Users Guide for PsychroSolution 1.1


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