2455 Wyandotte St W, Windsor ON
+1 226 946 3045

Innovative Core

With over 15 years of combined experience and highly educated team of multi disciplinary engineers, we at RETICOM are dedicated to provide the best economical engineering solutions to our valued customers. We provide innovative services to our client, from conceptual design to delivery of results, in North American automotive and manufacturing sector.

Relying on our team and partners experience and knowledge, We take challenging engineering projects, which mostly requires us to develop one-time, off-the-shelf solutions.

Partner to Innovations

Partnering with university and research centers, we are able to conduct high quality research, provide research grants, access to first class facilities, design, fabricate, program and integrate R&D equipment.

Area of Expertise

  1. Test and measurement system development
  2. Material testing and inspection in adhesive development applications
  3. CAE and CFD analysis for structural, plastic injection mold applications
  4. Industrial process control and automated PLC system design
  5. Real-time and PC-based programming and Math development
  6. Instrumented equipment design and integration

We are Professional

P.Eng Engineers

Reticom team have certified P.Eng engineers on staff to guarantee a high quality services are provided to customers and end users.

We are Trusted


Several customers in Canada / US, from the big three, Tier 1 and 2 to local companies have trusted us to provide them engineering services and integrate our solutions with their products. We are glad to have served our established clients in North American market.

We are Creative


We take highly challenging projects, from design, procurement, integration, programming to delivery.