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Your projects with us is backed up with several years of experience in delivering challenging industrial projects in North America and Asia market

Certified Work

Your projects will receive Certified Engineers supervision to ensure safety, quality and functionality of all the aspects of services/products.

Fantastic Training

Your team will get access to great educational facility during training sessions when you choose us to provide services or support your develop project.

Development support

You will get creative outside ideas from conceptual design, to delivery of end product when you choose our team for design and development support.

Engineering Service we provide

Material Testing, Joint characterization

Material Testing, Joint characterization

We provide material testing services for joint characterization using various adhesives. We provide testing in various environment such as from…

Flow & Energy Systems

Flow & Energy Systems

Regarding our strong background in design and simulation of different energy systems, we are able to provide engineering services in…

Non-contact Laser measurement system

Non-contact Laser measurement system

RETICOM team have extensive experience with precise laser based optical measurement systems. We have developed applications with laser system in…

Real-time & PC Based DAQ and Control System

Real-time & PC Based DAQ and Control System

Mechanical engineers are constantly the boundaries efficient machines and mechanical systems.

PLC Programming, Automation, Process Control & Monitoring

PLC Programming, Automation, Process Control & Monitoring

Materials science has received much attention from researchers from physics to chemical engineering

Force Displacement Systems

Force Displacement Systems

Agriculture sciences seek to feed the world’s population while preventing biosafety problems ..

We are Professional

P.Eng Engineers

Reticom team have certified P.Eng engineers on staff to guarantee high quality services are provided to customers and end users.

We are Trusted

Recognized Clients

Several customers in Canada / US, from the big three, Tier 1 and 2 to local companies have trusted us to provide engineering services and integrate our solutions to their products.

We are Creative

Innovative Solutions

We take highly challenging projects, from design, procurement, integration, programming to delivery.


We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.